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What Is A Stainless Steel Screw
- Jun 08, 2018 -

What is a stainless steel screw

Stainless steel usually refers to steel that resists corrosion of air, water, acid, alkali salt or other medium. According to the different composition of the alloy, they focus on rust resistance and acid resistance respectively. Although some steels have rust resistance, they are not necessarily acid resistant, but acid resistant steels are usually stainless. Austenitic stainless steel is used to produce fasteners, and stainless steel is often used as an austenitic stainless steel in people's daily life. The stainless steel fasteners we use are mainly made of austenite 302, 304, 316 and low nickel 201.

Mainly used in: environmental protection equipment, medical equipment, communication equipment, electric power facilities, electronic products, instruments, food machinery, petrochemical, ship assembly, pump and valve pipeline, building curtain wall, outdoor occasions, sports facilities, outdoor decoration and so on.