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Use Of Internal Six Angle Screws
- Jun 08, 2018 -

Use of internal six angle screws

The internal six angle screws are commonly used in machinery, mainly for fastening, disassembling, and not easy to slide. The inner six angle wrenches are generally a 90 degree turn, the long side of the bend is short, and the long side can save a lot of force and better fasten the screw when the screw is used on the short side. The long end has a round head (six angles column). Like ball like body) and flat head, the round head can be easily slanted and disassembled, and some inconvenient parts of the wrench are installed. The manufacturing cost of the outer six angles is much lower than that of the inner six angles. It has the advantages of the screw head (the force position of the wrench) is thinner than the inside six angles, and some places are not in the six corners of the interior. In addition, the cost is low, the power strength is small, and the precision is low. The internal six angle screw used in the machine is much less than the outer six corner screws.