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Selection Of Material For Production Screw
- Jun 08, 2018 -

Selection of material for production screw

In the past, the scrap iron was dissolved in the electric furnace, too much impurities, difficult to control the composition of the steel, and the screw material was unable to achieve good quality. The high consumption, waste and poor quality of the moulds in the manufacture resulted in a period of dependence on the imported screw materials. After that, the government set up a China Steel Corp. Iron sand is used to refine the operation, solve the steel demand problem, benefit the industry and enhance the national status.

(1) general screw material, commonly used AISI 1008

(2) the ratio of head type and six angle head screws, carriage screws and so on are better if AISI 1006 is used.

(3) the hardened iron plate screws need to be hardened, using AISI 1018 - 1022.

(4) stainless steel screws generally use SUS 304 and 305, but big head, pan head cross and other relatively large head type, using SUS XM-7 (AISI 302 HQ) is preferred.