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Heat Resistance Of Stainless Steel Screws
- Jun 08, 2018 -

Heat resistance of stainless steel screws

Heat resistance refers to the performance of high temperature oxidation resistance or gas resistance, namely thermal stability. At the same time, it has enough strength at high temperature.

With the increasing demand of products produced by customers, the requirements for screws used in product materials are getting higher and higher. In the harsh environment of product materials and special occasions, more and more high-quality mechanical properties of stainless steel screws are used. As a result, stainless steel screws are selected. Requirements are getting higher and higher, and the quality of stainless steel screws is also getting higher and higher. So a lot of ordinary stainless steel screws SUS201 are replaced by stainless steel SUS304 screws and stainless steel screws SUS316. Of course, some requirements are not so high. Generally, customers will choose stainless steel screws SUS201, which is quite cheap.