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Cause Analysis Of Fracture Of Stainless Steel:
- Jun 08, 2018 -

Cause analysis of fracture of stainless steel:

Sometimes, the screws of iron are often broken, and stainless steel screws are also broken. Generally speaking, stainless steel screws are seldom broken. Because of the stainless steel screw wire is more hard. But under certain circumstances, the stainless steel screws will still break. What are the main reasons for the breakage of stainless steel screws?

The reasons for the fracture of stainless steel screws are as follows:

1. stainless steel screws used in the quality of raw materials, stainless steel screw wire quality is not good. There are many impurities, impure, resulting in stainless steel screws hardness is not enough.

2. production of stainless steel screws. For example, the eccentric stainless steel screws, and the Q value of the undershoot operation during manufacture is too deep and the R bit is too small.

3. customers exert too much force when using stainless steel screws. Usually you do the torque test to see how much the minimum breaking force is, and then adjust the torque.

Of course, stainless steel screws must be broken for more than three reasons. But the above three reasons are the main reasons for the breakage of stainless steel screws. When stainless steel screws are found to be fractured, they can be inspected step by step. Look at what causes it.