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The screw should be heat-treated
- Jun 08, 2018 -

The screw should be heat-treated

Heat treatment mode: different heat treatment methods can be selected according to different objects and purposes.

Quenched and tempered steel: high temperature tempering after quenching (500-650 C)

Spring steel: tempering at medium temperature after quenching (420-520 C)

Carburized steel: quenching after carburizing and low temperature tempering (150-250 C)

With the increase of tempering temperature, the strength of low carbon and medium carbon (alloy) steel quenched martensite decreases, while plasticity and toughness increase. However, due to the different carbon content in low and medium carbon steel, the tempering temperature has different influence on it. Therefore, in order to obtain good comprehensive mechanical properties, the following ways can be adopted:

(1) select low carbon (alloy) steel and temper it at low temperature below 250 degrees after quenching to obtain low carbon martensite. In order to improve the surface wear resistance of such steel, only increasing the carbon content of each surface layer, namely surface carburizing, is generally referred to as carburized structural steel.

(2) the carbon steel with high carbon content is taken and tempered at high temperature (500-650 degrees C) after quenching (so-called tempering treatment) so that it can keep enough strength under high plasticity, generally called this kind of steel as quenched and tempered steel. If we want to get high strength, rather than reduce plasticity and toughness, low temperature tempering with low carbon content can be taken by low temperature tempering, then the so-called "super high strength steel" is obtained.