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Special effects of stainless steel screws
- Jun 08, 2018 -

Special effects of stainless steel screws

A small screw may seem insignificant in daily life, but it does play a very important role. In the new era of rapid economic development, the use of screws is very important, from small tables, chairs, stools, to spaceships, these production all need screws. Screws are also used in different materials according to their uses. They are usually divided into iron screws, stainless steel screws, copper screws and plastic screws. Next, I will introduce the special type of stainless steel screws.

Stainless steel screws, as the name suggests, do not rust. This is what many people think of stainless steel screws. In fact, stainless steel screws not only have oxidation resistance, but also have corrosion resistance. There are also many kinds of stainless steel materials, such as ferrite, austenite and horse body, and their anticorrosion and oxidation resistance are different. It is usually used in some open places and tools. It is of great significance for a relatively demanding part.


1, we have high-quality suppliers of raw materials to ensure the quality of screws.

2, owning its own equipment manufacturing plant can produce many complex screws.

3, have a special quality inspection department to ensure the accuracy of screws.

4, with professional development and production team, ensure the speed and accuracy of screw production.