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Fastener surface treatment
- Jun 08, 2018 -

Fastener surface treatment

Since almost all commercial fasteners are made of carbon steel and alloy steel, some kinds of fasteners hope to prevent corrosion. Even if fasteners using anticorrosive materials still need surface treatment to prevent the corrosion of different materials, we often need to make different surface treatments on the fasteners. Here are some common coatings for fasteners for reference:

Zinc plating: zinc plating is the most commonly used coating for commercial fasteners. It is cheaper and has a better appearance. It can be black, blue and white. However, its anticorrosion performance is general. Its corrosion resistance is the lowest in zinc coating.

Phosphating: phosphating is cheaper than zinc plating, and its corrosion resistance is worse than galvanizing. There are zinc phosphating and manganese phosphating. After phosphating, the oil should be oiled. The corrosion resistance is closely related to the performance of the oil.

Oxidation (blackening): blackening and oiling is a popular coating for industrial fasteners because it is cheap and looks good after the fuel consumption is exhausted. Since blackening has almost no rust resistance, it will rust soon after it is free of oil.

Cadmium plating: cadmium coating has good corrosion resistance, especially in marine atmosphere. The waste liquid in the process of electroplating cadmium has high cost and high cost. Therefore, it is not used in general industry, but only in some specific environments.