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Common sense of stainless steel fasteners
- Jun 08, 2018 -

Common sense of stainless steel fasteners

Because of the good ductility of the stainless steel, it is essentially different from the carbon steel. The improper use of the stainless steel can cause the bolt and nut to cooperate with it, that is, "lock death" commonly known as "bite the dead", and the prevention of the lock is mainly in the following aspects:

1. select the product correctly

A. reasonable selection of screw length and specifications, after tightening the exposed nut 1-3 teeth spacing.

B. before using, confirm whether the mechanical properties of the product can meet the requirements of use.

2. reduce the friction coefficient:

A. thread surface cleaning (such as no sand, Sundries)

B. recommends surface coating of wax or lubricant (e.g. butter, 40# oil).

3. correct operation method:

A, the axis of the vertical thread must be screwed and not tilted.

B, in the tightening process, the force must be uniform, and the tightening torque should not exceed the safety torque.

C, use torque wrench or socket wrench as far as possible, avoid using movable wrench or electric wrench.