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Classification of screwdriver salt spray test
- Jun 08, 2018 -

Classification of screwdriver salt spray test

Classification of artificial salt mist test

Artificial salt spray tests include neutral salt spray test, acetate mist test, copper salt accelerated acetate spray test, alternating salt spray test.

(1) neutral salt spray test (NSS test)

It is the first accelerated corrosion test method that is the most widely applied field at present. It uses 5% NaCl solution, and the pH of the solution is in neutral range (6~7) as a spray solution. The test temperature is 35 C, and the sedimentation rate of salt spray is between 1 and 2ml/80cm2.h.

(2) acetate test (ASS test)

It was developed on the basis of neutral salt spray test. It adds a number of glacial acetic acid to 5% Sodium Chloride Solution, reducing the pH of the solution to about 3, the solution acidity, and the salt fog formed from the neutral salt fog to the acid at the end. Its corrosion rate is about 3 times faster than the NSS test.

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